Spandan Institute has been working through holistic multidisciplinary approach in the field of child care. Quality research is an integral component of the functioning of the institute. Cases are treated exclusively by Homoeopathy, but through standard protocol and evaluated through competent experts like clinical psychologist, neurologist, special educators etc.

SPANDAN focuses on application of vibrant & holistic Homoeopathy in its clinical services. This enables the Institute to provide strong forum for advance learning. We impart basic as well as advanced Homoeopathic training and education to interns, Homoeopathic graduates and post graduates.Entire focus is on applied aspect of Homoeopathic practice where training, education and research are carried out through holistic multidisciplinary approach. Multidisciplinary aspect helps to carry out through evaluation in a most scientific way.


  • To learn the Psychological basis of health & disease and abnormal psychological proess which initiate abnormal mental & psycho-physiological functioning.
  • To understand the concept of child & to learn to evolve portrait of paediatric Materia Medica.
  • To demonstrate scientific approach to disability in terms of holistic concept towards diagnosis, prognosis, treatment & rehabilitation.
  • To demonstrate concept of multidisciplinary care & its operational implications.
  • To learn Homoeopathic approach to Developmental Disability And Mental Health Dysfunctions In Children.
  • To experience therapeutic potential of our science in management of these disorders.
  • To learn homoeopathic applications in above disorders based on understanding of susceptibility & miasms and to evolve therapeutic guidelines.
  • To study the role of preventive medicine in the management of DISABILITY.
  • To study existing models towards disability management & operational methods adopted by various institutes.
  • To experience the 4Hs & its impact on learning: Head, Heart, Hand and Holism.
  • To experience role of care & compassion & its Impact on making of Physician.

Sound Conceptual Base

As physicians who assume a responsibility for children’s mental, physical & emotional progress from conception to maturity, paediatrician must be concerned with social & environmental influences which have major impact on the health & well being of the children & their families, as well as particular organ systems & biologic vulnerable or disadvantaged in society & thus their needs require special attention.

Unfortunately none of our Institutes inculculate holistic perspective, which is, must for any paediatrician. They are reduced into busy prescribers. For Homoeopathic physician / paediatrician this perspective is crucial for his evolution & efficient functioning. For the comprehension of Homoeopathic paediatric portrait (constitutional type) perspective helps him. It also enlarges range & depth of material medica keeping all these applied aspects in the mind, we have evolved academic programme.

As elaborated in my essay on holistic psycho educational approach, center is founded on sound conceptual framework evolved through thorough integration of various disciplines, Viz: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s concept of holistic health Jean Piaget’s concept of child development.

We have made humble attempt to add 4th ‘H’ of Holism in already existing well known triangle of 3 Hs: head, hand & Heart. Sincere application of this learning of fellowship will allow student to develop child guidance clinic and child care centre in future.